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Motivational and thought-provoking quotes about life, science, hard work, god etc by greatest scientists of all time.

Most Inspirational Quotes By Famous Scientists That Will Set You On A Path Of Self-Exploration

Did you know that saccharin which is used as an artificial sweetener and recommended to people with diabetes was discovered accidentally?

It was the time when Constantin Fahlberg and Ira Remsen were conducting research on coal derivatives. After a long day in the laboratory, Fahlberg went to grab a bite. During his meal he broke a crumb of bread and tasted something sweet. Not giving it much thought he went ahead to rinse his mouth and to his surprise he found the napkin he used to dry his hands and face too tasted sweet. It was then that he noticed the compound he had spilled on his hands in the laboratory and gathered that it might be the cause of sweetness. 

He rushed to the laboratory and began inspecting the contents of every container he had used, even tasted them to locate the sweet compound. He then researched on the chemical composition of the substance and developed methods to produce it commercially and obtained the patent for saccharin.

Not only the sweet compound but many such other scientific discoveries were made accidentally. But nonetheless it is the keen observation of these scientists that they noticed things which probably a common man would ignore. It is this temperament that sets scientists apart. Listen to their take on life and other things in their own words through these famous quotes.